romantic gothic dresses and witchy dresses for weddings, handfastings, proms and balls
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gothic dresses, romantic medieval and pagan witchy dresses for weddings, hand fasting, proms and balls and everyday.
Beautiful dresses in velvet, satin, lace and tie dye cotton with lacing, beading and embroidery.
Designed to be noticed.

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more than a circle dress. Dark Star at sharpe-designs
more than a circle dress



witchy laced dress - Dark Star by Jordash at sharpe-designs






more than a circle dress. Dark Star at sharpe-designs















witchy black or tie dye long cotton dress with an embroidered laced bodice and a diamond tiered and embroidered skirt edged with brocade. Elasticated back.

M/L  L/XL  XXL sizes    52.99









laced back tie dye dress. sharpe-designs
laced back circle dress




witchy laced dress - Dark Star by Jordash at sharpe-designs
diamond tiered dress



more than a circle dress. Dark Star at sharpe-designs
laced velvet jacket








witchy layered dress. sharpe-designs   
witchy layered dress




sharpe-designs laced tie dye dress back view by Dark Star clothing
back view














unlined lace witchy dress. Dark star clothing at sharpe-designs
lace witchy dress

















tie dye dress with laced back by Dark Star clothing at sharpe-designs





medieval, witchy, elvish dress in unlined lace with a laced bodice, flowing, pointy sleeves and layered skirt.

free size    59.99







witchy layered dress. The stretch cotton bodice has adjustable lacing and brocade edging with an embroidered cotton, layered witchy hem skirt

M  L  XL sizes    46.99







witchy layered dress. sharpe-designs





black drop sleeve witchy dress. The stretch bodice is laced over an embroidered panel. The skirt has a silky petticoat with layers of embroidered sheer lace. The detachable sheer drop sleeves have embroidery and long twisty points

M/L  L/XL  XXL sizes    54.99








tie dye laced back circle dress. The stretch cotton bodice has adjustable satin lacing at the back and flattering v waist. The godet circle skirt has adjustable satin lacing on the front

M  L sizes    44.99






layered lilac dress. sharpe-designs
layered lilac dress

lilac cotton layered dress with gathered shoulders, two front pockets and pointy, witchy hemline

free size fits up to M    24.99








layered circle dress. sharpe-designs
layered circle dress

cotton layered circle dress with a curved hemline and v neck front and back.

free size fits up to L    24.99














witchy laced dress - Dark Star by Jordash at sharpe-designs



witchy, hippy boho tie dye dress. Dark Star clothing at
embroidered mesh dress





button thru circle dress. sharpe-designs
button thru layered dress

button thru cotton layered circle dress with a curved hemline and two pockets. Patterned placket and pockets

free size fits up to L    24.99





drop sleeve witchy dress by Dark Star Clothing at sharpe-designs
drop sleeve witchy dress
















beautiful witchy, hippy, tie dye dress in stretch cotton and layers of sheer, embroidered lace. The bodice has beautiful embroidery with adjustable side lacing and sheer sleeves with embroidery and long twisty points

S/M  M/L  L/XL    54.99






sharpe-designs laced tie dye dress back view by Dark Star clothing
back view








laced dress with more than a circle skirt. Stretch bodice with adjustable lacing over an embroidered panel. More than a circle cotton skirt with embroidered godets and witchy hemline

L XL XXL sizes    42.99















dresses         1          2         3 



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