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Romantic gothic medieval and witchy pagan clothing. Gypsy skirts, pixie tops, cloaks, frock coats and jewellery. Dark Star Jordash clothing

Romantic gothic medieval and witchy pagan clothing. Gypsy skirts, pixie tops, cloaks, frock coats and jewellery

beautiful clothing for weddings, pagan hand fastings, parties, balls and everyday in sumptuous fabrics and finish at a price that will make you smile.
This clothing is Designed to be Noticed - romantic medieval dresses and gypsy skirts in velvet, satin, lace and cotton with lacing, beading and embroidery
and lots of beautiful detail. Pixie hood tops and coats, gothic and pagan cloaks. Pirate and poet lace ruff shirts and gothic military tailed frock coats.




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 mens romantic gothic ruff shirts, pirate, poet shirts. Frock coats and tailed jackets. Buckled and laced trousers. Romantic medieval and pagan clothing. Tie dye and pentacle tops.       womens romantic gothic medieval and pagan dresses, tops and skirts. Elvish and pixie dresses. Gypsy skirts and tops       Gothic cloaks and coats. Romantic medieval and pagan cloaks and coats





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black rose bouquet, single black roses. studs - earrings - bracelets - necklaces - pendants gothic jewellery, celtic, pagan jewellery - necklaces, bracelets, wristbands and studs. Pentacle jewellery. Prints. Gifts. Celtic dragon box. Tankards. Black rose bouquets Talismans for blessings, magical talismans Green Man T shirts in childrens and adult sizes, green man bag for life. Green Man Tshirts for festivals, gardeners, for summer





witchy elvish, pixie hood dress        big thank you to Stefania Irullo - Elegy of Madness  and  Mozinah the Seer     Mozinah wearing black and green reversible hooded celtic pentacle cloak and medieval goddess neckline dress from  

                 for their support and for wearing the clothing and jewellery so beautifully





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