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    black rose bouquets  black heart necklaces  Say it with flowers

    Black Roses for valentines, anniversary, birthday, I love you, forever. Black rose black heart necklaces, pendants, lockets


say it with flowers - black roses. Single black rose or bouquet of black roses. Black roses for valentines - anniversary - birthday - I love you - forever.
single black rose       bouquet of black roses      black roses for valentines - anniversary -  birthday -  I love you -  forever     valentine lockets

copyright, no pins       


























valentine lockets, pendants

declarations of true love, mystical love and forbidden love









blood roses necklace - sharpe-designs
Bed of Blood Roses Necklace

Bed of Blood Roses Necklace - Very large necklace with black pewter roses surrounding a blood red heart in Swarovski crystal with a blood red crystal dropper.

12cm drop    49.99

sold out, sorry






 gothic black rose bouquet. sharpe-designs.com
Black Rose Bouquet









Black Rose Bouquet - Five gothic black silk roses in a pewter posy ring with the inscription 'In Eternum' - forever. The stems are capped with a pewter skull.










romantic gothic dolly bag in satin and lace. sharpe-designs
more black roses

black rose bags

satin rose purse

black rose chokers

black rose gloves













    gothic black rose. sharpe-designs.com
    Single Black Rose

Single Black Rose - a single black silk rose
































Reliquary Heart Locket valentines gift. sharpe-designs.com
Reliquary Heart Locket

Reliquary Heart Locket - a beautiful locket with a mirror and heart shaped picture frame with the inscription  'Where I am always thou art, Thy image lives within my heart.'  In pewter and brass with a red ribbon and black bead necklace.

5cm locket    29.99

sold out, sorry






gothic black rose bouquet. sharpe-designs.com
pewter posy ring
with the Latin inscription - in eternum - forever






Order of the Black Rose pendant gothic, pagan valentines gift
Order of the Black Rose

Order of the Black Rose pendant - symbol of C17th Alchemists and the Mystical Marriage ceremony

4 cm drop    16.99








Romanticide Razor necklace
Romanticide Razor

Romanticide Razor - symbolising the tragedy and misery of love. Set with a Swarovski crystal




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