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    pagan and gothic jewellery in Silver, Bronze and Fine English Pewter with Swarovski crystals.
Bronze and silver pendants. Gifts and Black Roses





Alchemy Fine English Pewter with Swarovski crystals


Crystal Dragon Around the Ear Stud. sharpe-designs                                    Temptation - pewter snake earring                                    pewter dragon bracelet

Crystal Dragon Stud    16.99                        Snake Stud    12.99                                       back in stock soon             





                Alchemy Gothic articulated, interlocking pewter snake bracelet                           long bat earrings. sharpe-designs                           Pentagram Cuff Stud Earring. sharpe-designs

               Snake Bracelet    18.99                         Twilight Earrings     24.99                    Pentagram Cuff Stud    12.99





Morticia bat stud with an amethyst Swarovski crystal                           small studs                         fly stud earrings. sharpe-designs    

Morticia Stud    12.99                                small ear studs    6.99                                        Musca Mico Studs    16.99       





            Alchemy Steampunk Earring. Haemostatic Capillary Pump Stud Earring                                Alchemy Steampunk Ring. Dibnahs Venesective Blast Pipe Ring.                         Alchemy Steampunk Monocle. D 'Dukes Polarising Monocle.

Capillary Pump Stud Earring    16.99                articulated finger ring    26.99                    Steampunk Monocle    18.99               





with Swarovski crystals


authentic style, Scandinavian Thors hammer inscribed with powerful bindrunes to command energy, courage, potency and conquest                     Roseus Pentacle necklace by Alchemy Gothic                   Crystal Pentagram necklace, alchemy gothic pewter necklace

Bindrune Hammer   11.99                              Pentagram necklace    16.99                          Pentagram   12.99





Nevermore Cross Pendant - a mourning cross in homage to the Edgar Allan Poe poem The Raven                              Rococo Necklace, an C18th French, rococo style, asymmetrical necklace with a large black Austrian crystal and black ribbon                           Alchemy Gothic snake necklace. sharpe-designs

Nevermore Cross    22.99                             Rococo Necklace    24.99                                Snake   29.99            





            Order of the Black Rose pendant gothic, pagan valentines gift                                 Romanticide Razor necklace                                black cotton lace choker with an adjustable button fastening, large polished pewter spider on the throat and edged with three black crystal droplets

Order of the Black Rose    19.99                    Romanticide necklace    14.99          `        Arachnathea Lace Choker    19.99





Steampunk Chaterlaine                                         Alchemy Steampunk GMT Electromagnetic Chamber steampunk pendant

Steampunk Chatelaine Necklace    24.99                                    Steampunk Chamber Necklace    28.99





Silver Pendants


Celtic Tree of Life silver pendant                                Celtic Pentacle and Crescent Moon silver pendant                        Pentacle silver pendant

Celtic Tree of Life    22.99            Celtic Pentacle and Crescent    24.99            Pentacle    29.99       





Excelsior Pewter Pendants


Runic Pentacle pendant                        Gothic Pentacle pendant                      Celtic Pentacle excelsior pewter pendant                        Pentacle of the Goddess excelsior pewter pendant

Runic Pentacle    22.99          Gothic Pentacle   22.99           Celtic Pentacle    22.99            The Three Graces    22.99





Bronze pendants


bronze pendant            bronze pendant            bronze pendant            bronze pendant

Bronze Pendants    6.50





skull pot, trinket boxThe crown lifts to reveal a beautifully macabre little pot - a rare replica skull of the Northumbrian Saxon king Athelstan                                   Pentagramica shot glassDracul shot glass   

King Athelstans Skull Stash Pot    14.99                                                shot glasses    16.99       





hand made perfume bottles in a stunning array of colours and intricate designs                                       crystal pentacle. sharpe-designs           

Egyptian bottles for perfumes - oils    7.99 pair                                             Pentacle Crystal    8.99            





Black Roses


black rose bouquetblack rose bouquet           single black roses

                                                           Black Rose Bouquet        19.99                  Single Black Rose    5.50                                       





belt buckles                      goth service medals                wallets                shirt buttons, coat buttons



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