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    cards  prints  wallhangings

    Celtic cards. Book of Kells style illuminated prints and scrolls.  Astrology keyrings.  Pagan wallhangings


Celtic Cards, Prints and wallhangings
Edgar Allan Poe 'Raven' print        illuminated prints        keyrings         celtic mythology cards         throws         wall hangings

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Celtic Mythology greeting cards

Celtic Mythology greeting cards

Celtic Mythology greeting cards

from original lino prints, beautifully coloured and mounted on handmade paper these cards look great in a frame.

hand made cards - blank inside - send to a friend - write a letter or a note - a thank you - an invitation - a happy day

single cards   8" x 4"

3.25 each


set of 9 cards - 1 of each design

19.99 per pack




















star sign keyrings based on the Doctrine of Signatures and showing the planet, constellation, tree, shrub and flowers associated with the star sign


























 Astrology Keyrings

star sign keyrings. sharpe-designs




ancient fertility symbols

ancient fertility symbols

ancient fertility symbols

from original lino prints and mounted on handmade paper these hand made cards look great in a frame. blank inside

Long Man of Wilmington  Cerne Abbas Giant
Sheila-na-gig  earth mother - Willendorf Venus

pack of 4 cards - 1 of each design   6" x 4"

4.99 per pack





    pewter pots inspired by the Curvilinear Designs used on celtic horse mounts, torc and shield boss decoration and finds from the later Sutton Hoo Hoard
celtic pots

Green Man Eco Warrior. Green Man T shirts polo shirts vests and baby green man T's
green man eco warrior T shirts




Illuminated Scrolls and Prints - these pictures do not do justice to the vibrant colours and authentic quality 'vellum' paper







Pagan Print Wall Hangings

sharpe-designs - 'Blessed Be' wall hanging    sharpe-designs - 'Green Man' wall hanging








sharpe-designs - 'Gazing Hares' wall hanging

Pagan Print Wall Hangings

black cloth wall hangings with beautiful prints by Lisa Parker

41 x 42.5 cm



other designs back in stock soon





Raven Original Photograph

Raven print










 'Raven' an original photographic print of this classic Edgar Allan Poe book cover by Photographer Des Knox - Wordsworth Edition of 'The Collected Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe

photograph 20 x 30cm




























astrology keyrings. sharpe-designs














   illuminated scrolls. sharpe-designs illuminated scrolls. sharpe-designs

























throw / bedspread / wall hanging

Tree of Life throw. sharpe-desigsn

print 2











Illuminated Scrolls

authentic finish prints with a wax seal set in wood and leather hangers



read verses























illuminated prints - detail










framed illuminated prints




Illuminated Mounted Prints

authentic finish prints with a wax seal set in dark green, gold edged mounts

mounted size 8" x 10"



read verses










Illuminated Framed Prints

authentic finish prints with a wax seal set in dark green, gold edged mounts in hand made wooden frames with celtic carving



read verses







Tree of Life throw. sharpe-desigsn

print 1

'Tree of Life' throw / beadspread / wallhanging

100% cotton      approx 210 x 240 cm      22.99









gothic and pagan jewellery - necklaces                 gothic, pagan jewellery - bracelets wristbands and studs                black rose bouquets, black rose chokers, gloves and bags. Black rose jewellery.                celtic dragon box, small celtic pots, tankards, jewellery and more                 celtic and pagan prints, cards and wallhangings and more                 Green Man T shirts and bags. Green Man T shirts for festivals, for gardiners, for summer  

necklaces, pendants   |      studs, earrings      |      black roses     |      celtic gifts        |       prints       |    Green Man Ts   


Talismans for blessings, magical talismans                talismans for blessings               pagan pentacle jewellery                     mens romantic gothic ruff shirts, pirate, poet shirts. Frock coats and tailed jackets. Buckled and laced trousers. Romantic medieval and pagan clothing. tie dye and pentacle tops            womens gothic dresses. tops and skirts, romantic medieval and pagan dresses, tops and skirts. Elvish and pixie dresses, skirts and tops.

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