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copyright and why we don't support clipping and pinning or there be monsters

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there are now many style sites online, these are usually set up by big players with big company backing ( Goldman Sachs for instance)

sites like these set up what appears to be a 'friendly, sharing community' and encourage their users to clip (steal) copyrighted images and text from other, usually smaller, sites. All appears good until, once the site is large enough (when it has stolen enough material) the site needs to be monetised to provide good returns for its' backers.

The images and texts that have been harvested from other sites are then used to 'host' (disguise) adverts from the large retailers, click thrus that are designed to take you away from the item that you first viewed and onto the advertisers site. This is called linkjacking and brandjacking. It is know in the trade as black hat SEO (immoral and unacceptable practise)

Many of these sites also offer embedded code for third party use - that is 'use this code to add this item to your blog' etc. The code contains the copyrighted material and a link back to the site that has stolen it. Again black hat and immoral behaviour.

Now, when you have the big boys backing you and you are bigger than all the sites that you have 'harvested' images from you can start to play dirty. And the big boys do play very dirty.

we love our customers and we are pleased that you want to share the images - the question is who are they really being shared with. By all means bookmark the pages and share the links but please stop short of adding the images and text to another website, however 'community' based they are

If left unchecked they will see off all the small, independent sites, as they have done in many other areas of business


don't feed the monsters
this is what happens


who backs pinterest

who backs polyvore

who backs stylehive

















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