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    pagan and celtic gifts

    beautiful celtic inspired gifts in pewter and cold cast bronze and iron - made in uk


pagan and celtic gifts in pewter and cold cast bronze and iron
Celtic Dragon Box   torque pot    triskele pot    anglo saxon pot  celtic duck casket   iron coasters  celtic duck earrings  tankards  shot glasses


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a very heavy box, weighing around 1.5k in
 cold cast bronze with garnets

hand made in UK


Beautifully detailed Celtic Dragon in cold cast bronze set with garnets. The dragon has a garnet set eye and tail. Zoomorphic wings with each spine set with a garnet. Set against an etched spiral background, with decorative corner features.

The base has zoomorphic corners features and bosses and roundels using designs from Celtic shields and torques. The inside of the box has etched spiral decoration


15 x 11 x 5cm    1.5k




celtic curvilinear art from the Battersea Shield boss






















silver celtic duck earrings. sharpe-designs

Celtic Duck earrings in silver with copper detail.

Hand made in UK











celtic triskele boss pot by sharpe-designs 

Triskele Boss Pot

3.5 x 4cm    18.99








celtic triskele boss pot by sharpe-designs






Sutton Hoo Casket by sharpe-designs












Sutton Hoo Falcon and Duck design coasters taken from the detail of the Sutton Hoo purse lid. Cold cast in iron, this pair of coasters are little works of art for any table.

Hand made in UK

D 9cm    19.99 pair






traditional Viking horn pewter tankard with a simulated horn fertility handle set in decorative mounts
Viking Horn Pewter Tankard


Viking Horn Pewter Tankard - with a simulated fertility horn handle set in beautifully detailed mounts

Tudrik Pewter Tankard - Liberty Tudrik style celtic pewter tankard set with six red carnelians


capacity 1 pint - 600 ml

Gift boxed    made in UK









Dracul shot glass
Dracul shot glass

Shot Glass - with pewter feet and pierced base which shows through the bottom of the glass.

made in UK












Pentagramica shot glass
Pentagramica shot glass

with pierced pentacle base










hallmarked pewter

from designs used on Celtic shields and torques and Anglo Saxon brooches and buckles

hand made in UK











sutton hoo Falcon and Duck coasters




Athelstans' Skull Pot - a replica skull of the Northumbrian Saxon King Athelstan in bone resin.

made in UK

 6cm long - gift boxed







arts and crafts style celtic pewter tankard set with six red carnelian cabachons
Tudrik Pewter Tankard



skull pot, trinket box

The crown lifts to reveal a beautifully macabre little pot - a rare replica skull of the Northumbrian Saxon king Athelstan
Athelstans Skull Pot




Anglo Saxon Pot by sharpe-designs

Anglo Saxon pot

5.5 x 4cm    24.99







Green Man Eco Warrior. Green Man T shirts polo shirts vests and baby green man T's
green man Tshirts








Celtic Dragon box in bronze with garnets. sharpe-designs

Celtic Dragon box in bronze with garnets. sharpe-designs







Celtic Duck Casket in hallmarked pewter with four roundels set with cabochon garnets and an etched spiral background.

Hand made in UK

7 x 4 x 4cm    32.99












Celtic Torc Boss Pot by sharpe-designs

Torque Pot

5 x 4cm    18.99












Anglo Saxon Pot by sharpe-designs














hallmarked pewter with garnets

Sutton Hoo Casket by sharpe-designs







Celtic Torc Boss Pot by sharpe-designs





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