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Romantic medieval laced tops,  gothic hippy tops,  tie dye tops, elvish pixie tops. Basques, bustles and cinchers. Dark Star by Jordash Clothing.

romantic medieval laced tops, elvish pixie tops, basques, bustles and cinchers

medieval gothic and pagan, witchy tops. Tie dye and embroidered tops. Designed to fit a range of sizes using stretch fabrics, elasticated panels and lacing.

Stunning designs marked by the attention to detail. Beautiful clothing designed to be noticed

copyright, no pins    



romantic medieval laced tops,  gothic hippy tops,  tie dye tops, elvish, pixie tops



    embroidered witchy, pixie hem top

embroidered witchy, pixie hem top    free size    £19.99





gothic, medieval top in black velvet and burgundy satin under black lace with wide, flowing, sleeves, lacing and brocade edging. by Bares Clothing                           medieval, gothic black and red laced top in stretch velvet and lace with long, flowing, sheer lace, split sleeves

            medieval long top                                                                         medieval, gothic laced top
        M/L    £34.99                                                                                   free size    £34.99





medieval witchy black laced sleeve top. sharpe-designs            medieval witchy green laced sleeve top

medieval witchy black laced sleeve top      free size    £28.99                  medieval witchy green laced sleeve top    free size    £28.99





black velvet yoke top

black velvet yoke top   M size    £29.99





olive medieval laced bodice top with embroidery                             black medieval laced bodice top with embroidery                          medieval style top. copyright do not pin  

olive                                                              black                                                        blue   

medieval laced bodice top        S/M   M/L   £24.99





tie dye goddess top. sharpe-designs                                  tie dye goddess top  

                    tie dye goddess top    S/M    £19.99    rrp £29.99





appliqué toadstool vest              appliqué toadstool vest                              'Blessed Be' ladies vest top. sharpe-designs                      

appliqué toadstool vest    free size    £16.99                                        'Blessed Be' vest top    L/XL    £12.99





witchy hem strappy top. sharpe-designs                                       lace sleeve witchy hem top. sharpe-designs

            witchy hem strappy top     S/M   M/L    £14.99                               lace sleeve witchy hem top    S/M    £16.99                   





witchy, gothic gypsy top in cotton jersey with long flowing sleeves and pointy hem                  witchy, gothic gypsy top with long flowing sleeves and pointy hem. copyright do not pin

witchy gothic gypsy top    free size    £19.99





button thru medieval top         black crushed velvet button thru top

button thru medieval top                              embroidered tie back blouse                          black crushed velvet dori top
free size    £26.99                                         free size    £16.99                                             free size    £29.99       





Dark Star tapestry lace top.

black tapestry lace top    M    £34.99






basques  bustles  cinchers

    with adjustable and detachable straps, lacing and buckles - beautiful detailing and finish





lace edged buckle basque, gloves, choker -                            vamp black basque. sharpe-designs

buckle basque, gloves, choker  S/M M/L    £24.99   rrp £32.99                  vamp black corset    M  L/XL   £22.99   rrp £34.99





            sharpe-designs silky, bronze off the shoulder blouse by Dark Star clothing                                                       gothic buckle basque by Dark Star clothing at sharpe-designs           

silky gypsy blouse        free size        £22.99                                  basque with buckles     free size    £26.99





gothic buckle basque. sharpe-designs gothic buckle basque. sharpe-designs      gothic ruffle cincher.      gothic bustle cincher. Dark Star Clothing at sharpe-designs

    gothic buckle basque top                                                        black satin laced bustle                            red ruffle bustle
          free size   £19.99    rrp £26.99                                                                                        free size    £22.99     rrp £34.99             





      soft black pvc three buckle cincher by Dark Star Clothing                                                beaded strappy top by Jordash Clothing at sharpe-designs    beaded strappy top by Jordash Clothing at sharpe-designs

gothic buckle cincher   S/M   M/L   £14.99  rrp £26.99                                     beaded strappy top    free size    £14.99             





hooded tops



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