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    mens gothic pirate accessories

    coffin wallets, gothic wallets, belt buckles, medals, shirt buttons and more


mens gothic pirate belt buckles, medals, shirt buttons, coffin wallets, gothic wallets. Gothic pirate, tribal designs from Alchemy Gothic and Dark Star by Jordash Clothing
mens gothic pirate accessories        coffin wallets         gothic wallets         belt buckles         medals        shirt buttons

copyright, no pins       
















Letter of Marque buckle - sharpe-designs
Letter of Marque belt buckle




Chaoster Belt Buckle -  in gunmetal and bronze finished pewter on a chrome plated back plate

10cm wide    29.99








Belt Straps and Buckles







Letter of Marque buckle -  in finest quality Pewter

11cm wide    27.99










Wallets, Pouches, Bags



Chaoster belt buckle - sharpe-designs
Chaoster Pewter Belt Buckle































coffin wallet with cobweb mesh. sharpe-designs  coffin wallet with cobweb mesh. sharpe-designs

gothic coffin wallet with cobweb mesh. sharpe-designs
gothic spider coffin wallet

gothic coffin wallet with an embossed spider under cobweb lace. Pockets, zip compartment, eyelet for wallet chain

11cm x 14cm       11.99









Hand Made heavy duty shoulder bag. sharpe-designs
Hand Made Heavy Duty Shoulder Bag

Gents Hand Made Heavy Duty Shoulder Bag -  in fine quality black leather and distressed cotton canvas with concealed zip compartments and plenty of pockets for pens, phone etc. The metal badge reads 'The fear of dying is worse than death itself'

** was 149.99 **

37cm x 34cm x 12cm      98.00








Pentacle shirt buttons in finest pewter
gothic pewter shirt buttons
Bat shirt buttons in finest pewter

set of 6 12mm Pewter Shirt Buttons - in Bat or Pentacle design

set of 6








leather belt strap. sharpe-designs
black leather belt strap

Black Leather Belt Strap - fine quality 4cm wide leather belt strap with press stud fastenings. Will take any buckle or wallet.

M  L sizes    9.99












Pewter Buttons





steampunk cog, gear wheel buttons
pewter gearwheel buttons
steampunk cog, gear wheel buttons

set of 6 pewter buttons - steampunk cog, gearwheel buttons in finest pewter with one random gilt plated button. Available in two sizes

12mm shirt buttons



large 2cm buttons







Leather belt pouch. sharpe-designs
leather belt pouch

Leather Belt Pouch with a detachable adjustable shoulder strap, in cotton canvas and quality leather with phone and pen pockets.

12cm x 20cm x 6.5cm       38.99







medals and more





Gothic Service Medals - beatifully detailed ribboned medals in finest pewter with pins on the ribbons

4cm across








Gothic pirate military medals. sharpe-designs
Cataclysmic Order of Nihilism










Black leather Alchemist wallet. sharpe-designs
Alchemist Wallet

Alchemist Biker Wallet - fine quality black leather embossed with The Alchemists' skull and black rose; on a steel chain with a pewter skull belt loop

9.5cm x 12.5cm       24.99










Gothic pirate military medals. sharpe-designs
Ignoble Gallantry Award












Alchemy Steampunk Monocle. D 'Dukes Polarising Monocle.
Steampunk Monocle

Steampunk Monocle - the first optical devise to filter polarised light waves, however the striated glass element has sadly been lost. On a 20" fine black curb chain with T-bar























Alchemy Gothic Steampunk Fob Watch. Solar Turbine Steampunk Fob Watch and Chain Fob Watch and Chain
Steampunk Fob Watch and Chain

Steampunk Fob Watch Chain

Steampunk Fob Watch and Chain - with a quartz movement and magnetic fastening hatch, 12" fob chain with a swivel T-bar. Pewter with brass and copper detail and a blue glass cylinder on the chain


















Gothic pirate military medals. sharpe-designs
Distinguished Goth Cross













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